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"Finally, You Can Stay on the Cutting Edge
With Online Training and Encouragement in
Our 24/7 Online
VA Education Center and Community!"

Let's face it. Business is changing.

Wise business owners are adapting to the current economic crisis in order to survive by outsourcing more and more of their daily duties.

Employing Virtual Assistants to accomplish regular or even temporary tasks is becoming more and more popular every day because VAs can save a company time and overhead expenses.

Plus, this ideal work situation gives Virtual Assistants the opportunity to work at home!

Our online Virtual Assistant Community is here 24/7 to encourage you, educate you and help you be the best VA you can be. You'll meet VAs who have taken our training like Lianne.

We have outgrown our regular website which led us to this new online community. We see former students become successful Virtual Assistants to happy clients. More people are discovering what we offer and the quality of our work. Now is the best time to join us as we continually add more excellent training and benefits to our new site.

Get a 30-day trial for $1.00
and check us out
join as a Charter Member for
only $14.97 per month.

Join Us TODAY!

Here's What Some of Our Students Have Said:
    "Denise, I can honestly say that the VA class has opened up a whole new world for me. The computer skills you taught were very valuable, but even more than that, you taught me CONFIDENCE. I had accepted an identity about myself as someone who just was not 'computer literate,' and who did not have any skills to offer, outside of my family.

    I was so convinced of this, that when my apprenticeship began, I almost asked to be removed from the program before I even really got started, just because I thought I could never learn everything that was necessary! However, with your help, and the support of the other members of the class (who are always there to help answer questions), I stuck it out, and I am so glad I did!

    "I now have the confidence to tell my client, "Absolutely! No problem!" and really mean it! And not even to mention that I am now making a contribution to my family's finances, as well. But the real value of the VA class goes way beyond money. Thank you, Denise!"

    Lianne Sanchez
    Holiday, Florida

    Okay, show me how I can make this work...

    "I am SO thankful I found Rhea Perry's program for VAs! I am now working for a client out of Canada, and expect another client to be added in the very near future.

    "Never would I have imagined I'd be doing the things I'm doing! I get so excited when I can not only put into practice the things I've already learned through the VA course, but add to my knowledge base all the new things I continue to learn.

    "I want to thank both Rhea and Denise for all their knowledge, help, tips, thoughts and instruction. Thanks for this great opportunity in my life!"

    Connie Sheppard
    West Milton, Ohio
    * * *

    "Denise, I can't say thank you enough for equipping me with the resources that you have to begin my home based VA business. I had searched for several years for someone that I could trust to train and support me through this process and I was so thankful when I found your group.

    "As I began to share with others about my online training, I was approached with a job opportunity to work for a client - even before I had finished my last training session! The most important plus is the wonderful people that I have met and continue to work along side as support. Its just like an extended family!"

    Gale Belk
    Starkville, Mississippi
    Yes, I really want to try it out!

    "Denise, Thank you for the great class! You have opened up a new door of opportunity and I am loving getting money in my PayPal account every week! The support of others in the class is invaluable and ongoing. I have a lot of jealous friends waiting for you to offer the class again."

    Kathy Coons
    Crossville, Tennessee
    * * *

    "Denise Lindvall is a great teacher. Her Virtual Assistant class was very well organized and interesting. I learned many skills that I can apply to my own businesses as well as help my client's with their businesses.

    "I appreciate all the helpful tools that she introduced to the class plus she has set up a great support system so the class members can keep in touch with her as well as the other students. Thanks, Denise. Great job!"

    Susan Mueller
    Paris, Texas
In Our Online Virtual Assistant Community, You Will:
  • Meet experienced VAs in our interactive forum
  • Get a discount on live frequent Web Classes with practical how-to information that applies to any business
  • Find basic How Tos in our Featured Area
  • Discover great tips and learn how others are experiencing success with them in our Featured Articles
  • Discover the best Recommended Resources you can't operate your home business without in our Resources Section

And, you'll learn how other successful VAs are serving their clients when you make friends in our 24/7 interactive online discussion forum.

If you are looking for an online community of stay-at-home women who love serving others and helping them stay organized so they can get more done, then come on in! You'll love our VA community!

You Can Join Our
Virtual Assistant Community
For a Limited Time Only as a Charter Member
For Just $1 for the First Month, and
Then Just $14.97/month Thereafter!

Check It Out Today!

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